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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen



1. Scope of application

The following business conditions and terms of payment apply to both the Museum Barberini and DAS MINSK Kunsthaus in Potsdam for the acquisition of entrance tickets, annual season tickets and vouchers, as well as the acquisition of tickets for guided tours (e.g. guided tours for the general public and for groups, auditorium group introductions, Online live tours) and events (e.g. lectures, readings and concerts) within the premises of the Barberini Museum (hereinafter: the “Products“) offered by Museen der Hasso Plattner Foundation gGmbH (hereinafter: the “Provider“). 
For the visit of the exhibitions and events, the house rules of the respective house apply additionally.

2. Contract conclusion

The Products may either be purchased at the ticket counters or booked via the respective visitor services units, the museum websites or by using the Barberini App (only applicable for the Museum Barberini). 
The offer to enter into a contract is invariably made by the customer (e.g. by clicking the box “order”). Acceptance by the Provider—and the resultant contract conclusion—occurs by way of the Product’s physical delivery or by sending a confirming e-mail, with the given Product attached in the annex, to the e-mail address indicated by the customer. The purchase or booking will become binding upon acceptance and may only be cancelled subject to the conditions set out below.  
The Products are sold to end customers and authorized resellers only. In the case of a non-authorized resale the Provider reserves the right of rescission for a period of 30 days after contract conclusion pursuant to the foregoing provision.

3. Prices and payment

The indicated prices for the products include 7% VAT. 
In the case of a purchase via the respective museum website or the Barberini App (for the Museum Barberini), payment by the customer is made in advance either by credit card (Visa/ MasterCard) or PayPal. If a Product is purchased at the ticket counters, it will be possible to pay either in cash, by debit card or by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Payment of Products booked via the visitor services units will be made against invoice. 

4. Admission

At the entrance to the respective museum, the given Product is to be presented either in printed form or in digital form on the display of a smartphone or tablet. Admission will only be possible against presentation of a ticket with a completely readable barcode. The Provider is under no obligation to admit persons presenting or showing a Product that had already been presented or shown by another person before, thus having been voided.

5. Special conditions for individual products 

a) Entrance tickets
Entrance tickets are tied to a quarter-hour time slot booked by the customer, i.e. they entitle the visitor to be admitted to the exhibition premises as stated on the entrance ticket only on the day booked and within the time slot booked. Depending on the number of visitors, queue times at the entry control point may be possible. The stay at each museum is limited to 4 hours.  

b) Annual season tickets
Annual season tickets for the Museum Barberini are valid for the Hasso Plattner Collection as well as all exhibitions of the Museum Barberini during the entire opening hours.
Annual tickets of the MINSK are valid for all exhibitions of the MINSK during the entire opening time.
Annual tickets PLUS are valid for the Hasso Plattner Collection, all exhibitions of the Museum Barberini as well as for all exhibitions of the MINSK during the entire opening time.
There may be waiting times at the admission control depending on the rush of visitors. Time slots can only be booked within the limits of existing availability; annual pass holders are not entitled to a specific time slot or a specific number of time slots per year.
Annual season tickets are valid for a period of 12 months after the date of issue. Being issued to one particular person, they may not be transferred. For every visit an identity card bearing a photograph is to be presented in addition to the annual season ticket.
If an annual season ticket is lost or missing, a replacement ticket may be issued against payment of a 5 EUR processing fee. In this case the annual season ticket lost or missing will become invalid. 

c) Vouchers
(Gift) vouchers issued by the Provider may be redeemed at the museum’s ticket counters and—to the extent purchased after June 1, 2019—also at the Museum Cafés. They are valid for three years; the period of validity begins at the end of the year in which the relevant voucher was purchased. Vouchers cannot be redeemed online.
Vouchers purchased prior to June 1, 2019, may solely be redeemed in whole, i.e. at the level reflecting the value of the entire voucher. As regards vouchers sold later, it will also be possible to redeem them in part. In order to be admitted to the exhibition premises the customer must have booked a (free) time-slot ticket (cf. subsections a and b above). 
In case of loss of a voucher, no replacement can be provided.

d) Event tickets
If and to the extent specifically noted in connection with an event on the website of the Barberini Museum or DAS MINSK, tickets purchased for an event entitle the holder, in addition to attending the event, to visit the respective museum as well on the date of the event. 

e) Group tours and group introductions at the auditorium
Guided tours for groups and group introductions, including the relevant entrance tickets, can only be booked via the visitor services units. 
Bookings of group tours and group introductions at the auditorium will, after a positive booking confirmation, be conducted by a guide chosen and engaged by the Provider. The number of participants indicated in the booking confirmation is binding. 
Guided tours offered or conducted by third parties are not permitted.

f) Online live tour
Online live tours are a private guided tour conducted by a guide chosen and engaged by the Provider with a camera and virtually transmitted via the Internet.  
When booking this tour, the customer will be granted the number of online accesses to a virtual conference room as placed in the order. The technical prerequisites indicated on the Provider's website must be provided by the customer. Technical problems falling within the customer’s sphere of responsibility, if any, will not entitle the customer to claims against the Provider. Audio or video recording of the tour is not permitted. 

6. Discounted and free Products

Discounted or free entrance tickets, guided tours and event tickets will only be valid together with supporting documents. They are to be presented at the respective museum's ticket counter and/or entrance. Customers who are unable to present the supporting documents will be required to purchase regular tickets or to pay the equivalent price difference at the ticket counter.

7. Cancellation / right of revocation

Generally, products booked for a specific date or time (e.g. entrance tickets, event tickets or tickets for public guided tours) may not be cancelled or revoked (sec. 312 g (2) no. 9 BGB [German Civil Code]).
This does not apply to booked group guided tours, group guided tours in the auditorium and group live tours (hereinafter referred to collectively as group event) as well as associated admission tickets:  

a) Up to 14 days before the booked date, a change in the number of participants in the booked group event is possible. The change must be made either by letter to the Museums of the Hasso Plattner Foundation gGmbH, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 115, 14467 Potsdam, Germany, or by e-mail to besucherservice@museum-barberini.de or besucherservice@dasminsk.de.  

b) Cancellation of the group event is possible either by letter to the Museums of the Hasso Plattner Foundation gGmbH, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 115, 14467 Potsdam or by e-mail to besucherservice@museum-barberini.de or besucherservice@dasminsk.de. Cancellations made up to 14 calendar days before the event will be charged a fee of 25 EUR. Cancellations made from 13 calendar days up to 24 hours before the event will be charged a fee of 90 EUR. Payments already made will be refunded after deduction of this contribution towards expenses, otherwise the customer will only be charged the contribution towards expenses. In case of cancellation after the aforementioned deadline or in case of non-appearance of the group at the agreed date, the full invoice amount is due. Decisive for compliance with the deadline is the receipt of the cancellation by the provider. The customer must provide proof of this. Cancellation of individual services is not possible. 
Vouchers not purchased at the Museum ticket counter by a consumer shall be subject to the 14-day right of revocation fixed by law. 

8. Liability

In the case of willful intent or gross negligence, the Provider will be liable according to the statutory provisions; in all other respects—unless provided for otherwise below—only in the event that a contractual duty is breached whose fulfilment would make the proper performance of the contract possible in the first place and on whose observance the customer may normally rely (known as cardinal duty), such liability being limited to the foreseeable and typical damage. In all other cases liability is excluded, except if the damage is based on injury to life, the body or health. The foregoing shall, in each case, likewise apply in the event that the relevant act is committed by a representative or vicarious agent of the Provider.
The Provider may, for structural or organizational reasons and by reason of force majeure (e.g. natural disasters, epidemics, wars or government orders) or other circumstances beyond the Provider’s control, close the Barberini Museum as well as DAS MINSK or individual exhibition sections, cancel events or bar access to certain exhibits. The Provider will further be entitled to close the respective museum in the light of the Provider’s duty to maintain the safety of the premises or to impose special conditions of use in a situation where the Provider may assume at its reasonable discretion that health risks to the visitors would emerge or aggravate as a result of the opening of the museum, which would, in particular, be true where relevant warnings or recommendations had been issued by government authorities. 
In the case of a total closure or cancellation of an event or guided tour for any of the reasons referred to above, the Provider shall—to the extent practicable—promptly inform the customer and offer an equivalent alternative. At the customer’s request the Provider will refund the price of the Product (however, with the exception of annual season tickets). More extensive claims for compensation of damage are excluded in such cases. A partial closure or inaccessibility shall not entitle the customer to claim a price reduction.
The postponement of the dates scheduled for events or guided tours shall not entitle the customer to claim a price reduction. 
In the event that a visitor is banned from entering the premises due to his or her breach of the house rules, there shall be no claim to a refund of the price paid for the Product concerned.

9. Data protection

For the purpose of carrying out the contractually agreed transaction the Provider shall, throughout the duration of the contractual relationship—or beyond its termination, to the extent that and as long as a period of retention is imposed by law—store and use the customer’s name, date of birth and address, as well as e-mail address and phone number in accordance with the provisions of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and Germany’s Federal Data Protection Act. With the customer’s explicit consent the data may also be added to a general address database kept by Museen der Hasso Plattner Foundation gGmbH for recipients of information about the Barberini Museum and its events. More detailed information concerning data protection is available at www.museum-barberini.de/datenschutz/ and www.dasminsk.de/datenschutz.

10. Final provisions

If individual provisions are or become null and void or ineffective, the validity of the remaining contract shall not be affected thereby. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall exclusively apply. The application of the UN Sales Convention is excluded. Sole place of performance for delivery, service and payment shall be Potsdam. Place of jurisdiction for disputes with merchants, legal entities under public law and special funds under public law, as well as persons having their place of residence or habitual abode abroad, shall be Potsdam. 
In the event that these General Terms and Conditions are changed, these terms and conditions shall continue to apply unchanged to past/present orders and reservations.  

The Provider will not participate in any dispute settlement proceedings before a consumer arbitration board. 
Rev. Sept 9, 2022


Sämtliche auf unserer Webseite platzierten Fotos, Bild- und Filmdateien unterliegen urheberrechtlichem Schutz. Gleiches gilt für die auf unserer Webseite präsentierten Texte- und Tonaufnahmen sowie die 360 Grad Rundgänge zu den Ausstellungen und der Sammlung. 

Alle diese urheberrechtlich geschützten Materialien dürfen nicht ohne unsere Zustimmung veröffentlicht, vervielfältigt, verbreitet, öffentlich zugänglich gemacht oder sonst wie in urheberrechtlich relevanter Weise genutzt oder an Dritte weitergegeben werden, insbesondere nicht für kommerzielle Zwecke. Ggf. ist im Einzelfall auch die Einholung von Zustimmungen durch Verwertungsgesellschaften und Bildagenturen etc. erforderlich. Setzen Sie sich deswegen bitte mit uns in Verbindung, wenn Sie geschütztes Material verwenden möchten. Im Falle der unberechtigten Nutzung müssen Sie mit einer rechtlichen Verfolgung durch uns oder andere Rechteinhaber rechnen.

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