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INTERPLAY is an ongoing collection format of DAS MINSK Kunsthaus in Potsdam. In each INTERPLAY, a work from the Hasso Plattner Collection encounters a work from another collection. Bringing the works together temporarily in the MINSK cabinet provides insights into the museum’s own holdings and other collections. Sometimes INTERPLAY shows similarities, and sometimes differences between art and artists. This opens up new perspectives that can only arise in the space between works of art.

Good music is characterized by the perfect interplay between different instruments and voices. In jazz, musicians can get in each other's way and challenge bandmates. This is also the case in DAS MINSK’s cabinet, where two artworks encounter one another, not exclusively seeking harmony, but also confrontation. Just as in an interplay in jazz, an interaction occurs in which each side influences the other. Both work together and yet each is independent. Sometimes they attentively listen to one another, interrupt each other, or paraphrase one another. The interaction of the works creates a reciprocal effect that is transmitted into the exhibition space like the sound of a good piece of music.

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