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Dan Perjovschi

Photo: graffiti-like black and white numbers and words such as Europe and Memory are painted on large, rough concrete blocks.

As the construction work progressed, the drawings were reabsorbed by the building.

In April 2021, the Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi (*1961 in Sibiu) began to inaugurate the walls of the future exhibition spaces of DAS MINSK Kunsthaus in Potsdam with his drawings. Amid construction noise and dust, he drew at DAS MINSK for an entire week on various surfaces of the building. 

Perjovschi has worked with this medium since the early 1990s, enabling him to react spontaneously to his surroundings. His sketches, reduced to a striking line, are both humorous and critical, posing uncomfortable questions and exposing contradictions. His art opens up a space for complexity. 

The title of Perjovschi’s intervention at DAS MINSK is For No One And Everyone, referring to the specific environment of the construction site that was concealed from public view. As the construction work progressed, the drawings were reabsorbed by the building. They are inscribed in the masonry behind the exhibition walls but are hidden. 

In summer 2022, Dan Perjovschi returns to DAS MINSK in order to continue his drawings in the elevator and the columns of the Cafébar under the title The Elevator And Some Columns. In Situ Drawings by Dan Perjovschi. For the first time, these will be visible to all on site.

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Photo: black drawings and the words This was not white and was not cube are written on rough, large concrete blocks.


Cafébar HEDWIG


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